PennGrade Motor Oil

In an effort to best brand PennGrade Motor Oil, KMA created a lifestyle video to associate the PennGrade Motor Oil brand with the everyday consumer.

Stand By Your Van

Take a ride with us. What is your PennGrade Life? Mike “Cheez” Brown has been a band and tour manager for more than 39 years, working with household names like Korn, Kid Rock, Dirty Heads, Sublime and Rage Against the Machine. Throughout his decades in the music business, he’s spent countless hours on tour getting bands to their next gig and persevering through a gritty tour life. Lifestyle is about the parts of our lives that are maybe a little more personal than everything else. Whether tangible social demographics or the intangible attitudes and culture, your way of life defines you and is most intimate to you. PennGrade Motor Oil and D-A Lubricant Co. have made their way into countless high performance vehicles and every day garages by being 100 percent family owned and American made. The PennGrade Life is ever-evolving, undefined and infinite. From the van that gets the band on the run to the race car driver and his toys, the PennGrade life crosses all sectors, rural backroads and city highways.