About Us

We’re able to help you transform your business, because we’re experts in the individual parts.

How we can help you.

  • Identifying Business Goals and Strategies
  • Business Development, Networking
  • Branding
  • Advertising Content Creation
  • Resource Planning
  • Public and Media Relations

Understanding when and how to create your next growth curve is the key to long term success.

— Steve Klipsch

Steve Klipsch

Steve has executive experience with five different companies, including executive level at Klipsch Audio. His forte? Operations, management, branding, and resource planning. Let your business benefit from Steve’s experience in manufacturing, service, health care, non-profit, construction, banking and finance industries.

Clients are often amazed because we show them an angle they’ve never considered.

— Drew Coomes

Drew Coomes

Drew is an expert in making connections. With years of developing relationships in business, sports, and entertainment, he has keen insight into personalities and brands–and how they can best complement each other. Drew also understands that bringing the highest quality talent together on the Klipsch Marketing Advisors team ensures success for the company, and more importantly its clients.